Once validation works have been completed the findings and confirmatory results are compiled into a Verification report. This is normally done at the end of a development, or after specific phases of earthworks if geotechnical verification is required. We work with out clients so that they know what to expect at every step of the way to final verification reporting.

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At Abbeydale BEC we’re experienced in carrying out validation works throughout the development process; often one of our Geo-environmental Engineers will attend site at key times during the development to sample any imported soils, carrying out in-situ testing and / or take photographic records for inclusion in the Verification Report.

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  • We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients and providing a robust, flexible service.

  • We ensure that clients get the best possible value for money and great service.

  • As experienced consultants we know that the phasing of a development can change as thing progress on site.

  • Our aim is to help speed up the development process and be transparent for regulators who will be signing off the development.

The sooner that everyone involved in the validation, verification and construction processes start communicating, the better. That's why we like to get involved as early as possible.

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As experienced consultants we know that the phasing of a development can often change as things on site progress. Sometimes this can mean producing multiple Verification Reports as different parts of the site are remediated, and it’s important to remediate these areas as soon as they’re finished.

This can allow certain areas / plots to be discharged by the Local Authority, with the whole site signed off once the remaining validation works have been completed & verified, to help with sales & client delivery. At Abbeydale Geoscience we work with our clients to understand the order of remediation & validation works from the outset.

Often during development works there are only a few opportunities to observe the different elements that we need to validate and we want to make sure that we’re in the right place at the right time!

That’s why we liaise closely with our clients to understand the development programme & make sure that the validation works are included in the programme.

It’s important to also know that verification isn’t just about turning up at the end of the job and having a walk around; especially where there are multiple elements to the remediation works. A good example of this is where gardens and/or soft landscaping areas need a cover system and ground gas monitoring protection measures need to be installed in new buildings; we need to be present at multiple different times to make sure that we get the correct information at the right time.

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