All Investigation Services

At the investigation phase we focus on refining and better understanding the potential risks so that they can be quantified and accounted for. This makes the rest of the development process quicker, safer and easier to budget for. Our ground investigations are tailored to provide the information that's needed based on what we expect the ground conditions to be, and what the proposals are.

Phase 2 Ground Investigation

When we need to find out more about the potential geoscience risks that could affect a site, the next phase¬† is known as a Phase 2 Ground Investigation. It involves finding out more about the geology, ground conditions and quantifying the potential risks. We get the information that’s needed for both geotechnical and geo-environmental purposes.

Phase 2 ground investigation in Yorkshire. An extractor is digging a hole.
Core Level Service

Shallow Mining Investigation

When there’s a potential for shallow mine workings under a site, or if the site is in an area of known shallow mine workings, a shallow mining investigation is done to confirm the depth, thickness and state of shallow depth coal seams or associated mine workings. This lets us assess if there is enough rock cover above any workings found.

Shallow mining investigation, holding a lump of coal
Secondary Level Service

Soakaway Investigation

A soakaway investigation is carried out when there’s a chance that soakaway drainage might be suitable, or if requested to do them as part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) strategy. Soakaways work by putting water into the ground, like would happen naturally.

Soakaway investigation services in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Secondary Level Service