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The remediation phase starts by producing a Remediation Method Statement, outlining what needs to be done to remove or mitigate the potential risks to future site users. This needs to be approved before any remediation works commence. During construction works we can then carry out validation works to make sure that things are done as agreed. Keeping on top of things as they're happening on site is key to making sure that the information needed for the final Verification phase is easily available.

Remediation Method Statements

When the risks are too high to the final ‘receptor’ something needs to be done to reduce the potential risk. That’s exactly what a Remediation Method Statement does; it lays out what needs to be done to reduce either the geotechnical or environmental risks (or both!) to an acceptable level.

Remediation method statements from Abbeydale Geoscience. Image of an oil spill.
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Once we know what needs to be done to make a site “suitable for use” the next stage is to make sure that the works are done correctly, and comply with the technical standards that they need to meet. This is the Validation phase.

Geotechnical validation services in West Yorkshire
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Once validation works have been completed the findings and confirmatory results are compiled into a Verification report. This is normally done at the end of a development, or after specific phases of earthworks if geotechnical verification is required. We work with out clients so that they know what to expect at every step of the way to final verification reporting.

Verification report in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
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