All Preliminary Services

At Abbeydale Geoscience we like to help our clients from the very beginning! Ideally this would even be before applying for planning permission, so that we can feed into the preliminary design, where possible The first things that we look at are the history, geology and environmental setting of a site, and build up an initial understanding, and what might need to be considered to further assess the potential risks.

Phase 1 Desk Study

Phase 1 desk study is the first step of the journey. It brings together all of the information we can find out about a site; its history, its geology and what humans have done to it. We look at both the geoenvironmental and geotechnical aspects to provide a detailed geoscience assessment.

Core Level Service

Flood Risk Assessments

Wherever there’s a potential risk of flooding, a Flood Risk Assessment will help to understand what the current risks are, including for the projected lifetime of a development. A Flood Risk Assessment can also be valuable if wanting to renovate or refurbish any existing building that’s in a flood risk area.

Professional flood risk assessments in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Core Level Service

Shallow Mining Risk Assessment

A Mining Risk Assessment looks at the potential for shallow mine workings to affect a site; whether recorded or unrecorded. A detailed appraisal of the geology and history of a site and surrounding area is needed to make sure that we get a full understanding of whether coal or other mineral seams could have been extracted at shallow depth at any time in the past.

Shallow mining risk assessments in Yorkshire
Secondary Level Service

Soakaway Assessment

Knowing whether soakaway drainage might be an option for surface water drainage is a fundamental part of most developments, and to meet Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) requirements. The potential suitability for soakaways is based on lots of geoscience factors, include the geology of a site, if any groundwater is present and also the lay of the land as well.

Secondary Level Service

Ground Source Heating Assessment

As the world transitions sustainable renewable energy sources, ground source heating has actually been around for years. It works by taking some heat straight out of the rocks and soils, and can be a great way to reduce your energy bills and have less impact on the environment.

Ground source heating assessments from Abbeydale Geoscience
Secondary Level Service

Geotechnical Assessments

There are many types of geotechnical assessments that we can assist with as geoscience consultants. From drilling and grouting specifications and earthworks method statements through to assessments of rock faces, slope assessment and analysis, or investigation of retaining structures or existing buildings.

Abbeydale Geoscience carries out geotechnical assessments and slope stability analysis
Secondary Level Service