Ground Source Heating Assessment

As the world transitions sustainable renewable energy sources, ground source heating has actually been around for years. It works by taking some heat straight out of the rocks and soils, and can be a great way to reduce your energy bills and have less impact on the environment.

Let’s Get Things Heated Up…
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Ground source heating assessments from Abbeydale Geoscience

Ground source heating doesn't
cost the earth

As the UK continues to strive to reduce its carbon emissions & reduce the environmental impacts of climate change, the geoscience industry has a key role to play in how we heat our homes & buildings.

This need combined with increased environmental awareness has led to rises in many renewable technologies.

One of these is known as ground source heating.

Ground source heating in the UK
Soils being transported for analysis, as part of ground source heating assessments in YorkshireGround source heating for the UK. Image showing a hot underground spring.

Ground Source Heating: Why You Need It!

A ground source heat pump is used to collect low-level heat directly from the subsurface; either through conduction from rock or soils, or by pumping groundwater directly from the ground.

How efficient it is at harnessing this renewable heat source depends largely on the type of strata that the collector loop is installed in; there are several factors that can affect this and understanding the potential constraints is key to getting it right – say hello to Abbeydale Geoscience!

  • Heat it up…

    Ground Source Heating works by extracting low level heat directly from the geology beneath us.

    It’s a renewable way of heating a property that’s becoming increasingly more widespread throughout the UK, and has been used for decades across other countries in Europe.

    Using tried & tested technology, a Ground Source Heat Pump circulates fluid through the ground inside a “ground loop” collector pipe, which is then transferred into the heating system inside the property - it’s that simple.

  • A model of a house in Yorkshire with ground source heating pipes connected to it
    A ground source heating installation graphic, showing heating and cooling pipes underground
  • Cool it down…

    Another great thing about Ground Source Heat Pumps is that they can work in reverse, taking the heat out of a property during warmer summer months and recharging the temperature of the geology!

    This further adds to the renewable credentials of ground source heating as a viable, carbon-free way of meeting our heating needs and looking after the environment.

    And the good thing is that you can use a Ground Source Heating System wherever you are.

Adding value, saving time & expense

At Abbeydale Geoscience we use your geological skills & experience to help you look at the potential for using a ground source heating system at your site.

We can undertake a range of geological & "thermogeological" assessments to highlight what potential contstraints need to be considered when designing the ground source heating collector system.

Some companies use generic depths for ground loop collectors based on the required heat load; we prefer to think more inside the box (well, the ground) & tailor the ground loops to be as efficient as possible, accounting for any potential constraints such as underground mine workings.

Look at the ground source heating costs. It is cleaner and better for the environment.

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