Mitigating the impacts of human activity and building a better 🌎

Our mission is to help people understand what’s in the ground and how to work with it. By inspiring people to see the importance in geosciences we’ll show them how geosciences play a vital role in making a better world for everyone and everything.

By engaging with society and bringing geosciences to the forefront of public perception and understanding, we want to be part of creating environments where we can all live, work & play in and make a better world for everything.

What we're all about
  • Rick Saville

    Owner & Managing Director

    Rick became the owner of Abbeydale Geoscience  in March 2024, after initiially starting with us as a graduate engineer in January 2007, when we were previously called Abbeydale Building Environment Consultants. Time flies!

    As the company owner & MD Rick has a range of different roles, from discussing requirements with clients at feasibility and scoping stage, through to overseeing the team. He's also still more than happy to get his site boots on when needed!

    Like many geoscientists, Rick likes being outdoors a lot and  is passionate about photography, which goes hand in hand with the natural world. Believe it or not, most landscapes are the way that they are because of the geology beneath them, or what's happened to them over time.

    Rick has always loved understanding why the world is like it is, and wanted to help to make the world a better place. Geoscience helps both of those things, a win:win we'd say!

    A photo of geoenvironmental consultant Rick Saville at the coliseum in Rome, Italy

Together we're stronger!

Our clients get to work with lots of our team at Abbeydale Geoscience, so we thought that you might like to know a bit about each of our team members.

Introducing our team
  • Rob Saville

    Technology Lead

    Technology is and always will be, a huge passion for Rob. It's a part of who he is. Rob discovered a love for computers and all things tech related, when he was given his first computer as a 5 year old child. This was back when computers used cassette tapes - anyone remember those? A long time ago indeed!

    He studied and received a BSc in Internet Computing in 2009 and it was during his degree that he found a real interest in developing websites. He started out hand coding websites with HTML, CSS and JS and later started including platforms like WordPress and Webflow to further enhance his skillset. He also added SEO, marketing, design and other internet related fields to those skills. His unique abilities provide Abbeydale Geoscience with something many similar business don't have... an in-house technology lead and web developer.

    Rob's other passions involve spending time with his family, walks with his dog, photography, coffee, music and movies and a lifelong love of video games. Rob was late diagnosed before his 40th birthday with Autism, so is passionate about neurodiversity and inclusivity.

  • Glyn Hogg

    Senior Geoscience Consultant

    Having worked at Abbeydale Geoscience since September 2014, Glyn has worked his way up to becoming a Senior Geoscience Consultant and is responsible for running projects from start to finish.

    A career in geosciences allowed Glyn to combine his enjoyment for fieldwork and a fascination of geological processes to understand why the world is like it is, and help clients understand how this can affect what they want to do on it. 

    Outside of work, Glyn has a passion for football and video games, having enjoyed both playing and watching football for as long as he can remember. He's held a season ticket for his favourite team for nearly 30 years, and also goes to watch his local non-league team too. 

    A photo of geoscience consultant Glyn Hogg
  • Noman Abbas

    Geoscience Consultant

    Joining the Abbeydale Geoscience team in April 2023, Noman has found being a Geoscience Consultant both a challenging and rewarding career so far. The variety of work is one of his favourite aspects of it, and the balance between office work and fieldwork, covering a wide range of subjects and keeps him constantly alert.

    Noman was drawn to a job in the geosiences by his interests in an outdoor job, combined with his desire to help to make the world a better place.

    From a relatively young age, driving with his father on different roads and towns, seeing different landscapes, Noman has always been eager to learn more about the history and the speciality of different rocks. Noman always wanted to help bring environmental issues to the forefront of society so that we build a more sustianable future.

    Noman loves travelling because it allows him to explore new places, meet new people, and experience different cultures. Noman also enjoys learning about different customs and traditions as well as trying out local cuisine.

    A photo of geoscience consultant Noman Abbas
  • Peter Lloyd

    Geotechnical Consultant

    Peter founded Abbeydale Building Environment Consultants in 1993, and made the business a limited company in 2008.

    Having retired in March 2024, Peter now works for Abbeydale Geoscience as a Geotechnical Consultant, with a wealth of experience in most things geoscience related.

    During his free time Peter really enjoys sailing (ay ay Captain!) and walking, amongst other things!

    A photo of geotechnical consultant Peter Lloyd
  • Mike Earle

    Geotechnical Consultant

    After retiring in 2016 Mike became part of the Abbeydale team as a Geotechnical Consultant, bringing his extensive experience in the geoscience industry to assist the team.

    A photo of geotechnical consultant Mike Earle