Remediation Method Statements

When the risks are too high to the final ‘receptor’ something needs to be done to reduce the potential risk. That’s exactly what a Remediation Method Statement does; it lays out what needs to be done to reduce either the geotechnical or environmental risks (or both!) to an acceptable level.

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Remediation method statements from Abbeydale Geoscience. Image of an oil spill.

What is a Remediation Method Statement?

A Remediation Method Statement is usually produced after a Phase 2 Ground Investigation to outline the scope & extent of any measures that are necessary to either remove or mitigate any potential risks to future receptors.

It is required as part of the planning process for Contaminated Land purposes; but often a Remediation Strategy is also needed at development stage for geotechnical purposes, to allow a contractor to accurately scope and price for the proposed development works.

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What needs to be done…

Environmental remediation is often needed when a contaminated land Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment (GQRA) identifies an unacceptable risk to human health receptors, or the wider environment, that either needs to be removed or mitigated against to reduce the potential risks.

This is usually only needed for any proposed gardens or areas of soft landscaping where people could come into contact with any contaminants once the development is completed.

But a Remediation Method Statement can also look at things such as the removal of underground tanks, removing unsuitable backfill materials or outlining the proposed scope of ground gas protection measures to be installed in new buildings.

Remediation strategy at Abbeydale Geoscience

Start from a solid foundation…

Remediation Method Statements are often deemed to be just for environmental purposes, to protect future receptors from potential risks in gardens & soft landscaping areas - nothing could be further from the reality of it! Often these are called "Earthworks Specifications".

There are a wealth of different geotechnical topics that may need to be thought about, especially where deep made ground is present on a site (or parts of it); these may need to be engineered & compacted beneath proposed adoptable highways or used to produce a regulated platform for development works.

Earthworks specification in the Yorkshire
Earthworks specifications in West Yorkshire

One For All And All For One

Because we're used to looking at both the environmental & geotechnical aspects of a site, we can combine both of these into a single Remediation Method Statement, making things simpler & more concise for developers, designers, contractors & regulators.

A win-win we’d say!

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