Geotechnical Assessments

There are many types of geotechnical assessments that we can assist with as geoscience consultants. From drilling and grouting specifications and earthworks method statements through to assessments of rock faces, slope assessment and analysis, or investigation of retaining structures or existing buildings.

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Abbeydale Geoscience carries out geotechnical assessments and slope stability analysis
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Slope Stability Assessments And Analysis

At Abbeydale Geoscience we’ve worked on a large number of projects involving slope stability issues.

Starting with initial slope assessments using geological maps, topographical surveys and secondary data sources, through to slope stability investigations and monitoring of active slope movements.

We use geological cross sections to help showcase the ground conditions through a slope and highlight any features graphically, making the slope stability analysis easier to visualise and understand.

Slope stability assessments and analysis in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Earthworks Assessments

Understanding how different materials are going to be used throughout a development is critical.

When everyone is aware of what materials are suitable for different uses and understand the process, everything flows naturally.

At Abbeydale Geoscience we have experience in helping to determine what engineering applications on-site soils can be used for, and specifying where certain soils can be reused within proposed earthworks.

Geotechnical earthworks assessments in Yorkshire

Geological Assessments

There are lots of reasons why a geological assessment of a site can be beneficial & cost-effective prior to developing a site.

From indicating if deep superficial soils are present, or if other geological hazards such as sinkholes might be present in certain parts of Yorkshire (such as from gypsum dissolution in Ripon).e.

A comprehensive geological assessment is undertaken as part of a Phase 1 Desk Study or Phase 2 Ground Investigation, but sometimes for feasibility purposes it’s worth doing as a standalone assessment.

Geotechnical and geological assessments in West Yorkshire

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Abbeydale Geoscience offers a Geotechnical Assessments service
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