Flood Risk Assessments

Wherever there’s a potential risk of flooding, a Flood Risk Assessment will help to understand what the current risks are, including for the projected lifetime of a development. A Flood Risk Assessment can also be valuable if wanting to renovate or refurbish any existing building that’s in a flood risk area.

Keeping You Above Water…
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Professional flood risk assessments in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

The effects of flooding can be devastating!
Climate change is also making them more severe and increasingly common.

At Abbeydale Geoscience we can help determine whether your site is at risk of flooding and what mitigation, flood resistance or flood resilience measures can be put in place to help protect it against the impacts of flooding.

You’ll need a Flood Risk Assessment if you have a site within an area designated as Flood Zone 2 or Flood Zone 3, or a parcel of land over 1 hectare in area in Flood Zone 1.

We provide Flood Risk Assessments that are in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) guidance and look at multiple different potential sources of flooding and how these might affect the site.

Assessing the risks of flooding. A graphic of a house surrounded by water.

Robust And Honest Flood Risk Assessments

At Abbeydale Geoscience we like to make sure that we provide a thorough assessment of all of the available information, that’s why we carry out a site walkover as part of our Flood Risk Assessments & obtain historical maps of the site & surrounding area.

It’s not just flood level information that’s important when looking at the potential for flooding at a site, it’s a culmination of the hydrology, hydrogeology, geology, topography and history that all come together.

Flood risk assessment service in Yorkshire. A drain is overflowing.

Moving Forward Together

We like to engage with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency at any early stage. Having a meeting can sometimes be very effective at allowing us to discuss potential flooding issues at a site and find pragmatic solutions that can be taken forward to design stage.

Working With You To Mitigate Flood Risks

As part of the process we work with our clients to see if there is any way of moving development to areas of the site where there might be a lesser chance of flooding, or tweaking the proposed layout to put less vulnerable uses in areas of highest flood potential.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference!

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There are so many reasons why Abbeydale Geoscience are the perfect choice for Flood Risk Assessments... but we'll just list a few:

A first class Flood Risk Assessments service
  • Honest, friendly and down to earth service from a team who care about you and your project. We are sure you'll find this refreshing in this day and age!
  • Flood Risk Assessments carried out to a professional level by an experienced and robust geoscience team. We do it all, without any cutting of corners.
  • We provide what you need and nothing more. We don't do upselling or pushing services you don't require. We would much rather have loyalty and repeat business.

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